07 May 2017

7 May - Bullet With Butterfly Wings

"Despite all my rage am I still just a rat in a cage...
And I still believe that I cannot be saved"

22 April 2017

22 Apr - Two Weeks

"Every time you try 
Quarter half a mile 
Just like yesterday"

21 April 2017

21 Apr - Surf City Eastern Bloc

"The eighties ain't been kind to anyone 
I just want to find myself some sun"

20 April 2017

20 Apr - This Is the Last Time

"I wish everybody knew 
What's so great about you 
Oh, but your love is such a swamp 
You don't think before you jump"

19 April 2017

19 Apr - Personal Jesus

"Lift up the receiver 
I'll make you a believer 
Take second best 
Put me to the test"

18 April 2017

18 Apr - Maps

"Wait, they don't love you like I love you 
Wait, they don't love you like I love you"

17 April 2017

17 Apr - My Sad Captains

"Oh, long before 
You and I were born 
Others beat these benches with their empty cups 
To the night and its stars 
To be here, and now, and who we are"

16 April 2017

16 Apr - Skip the Charades

"Can we just speak plain? 
We're playing for the same team 
But I'm the one that's acting like I'm so strong 
You're the one that's acting like nothing's wrong"

15 April 2017

15 Apr - I Love You But I'm Lost

"See me after I recoil 
I'm better than I know 
There is room to grow"